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What Our Student Said

Momo Lu Yin


I had all kinds of doubts and mixed feelings about freediving before I arrived Andaman Apnea, but after going through a three-day course with Miguel, I was so sure that I would definitely come back. Miguel is a fabulous instructor, who’s not only professional and experienced, but he pays attention to the details and customizes to each individual. He can always quickly grab the key obstacle, and come up with a different solution for each student. The whole learning experience was so fun and relaxing, but also very efficient.

Jonathan Gray

South Africa

Miguel is incredibly observant and clearly has a wealth of knowledge. I liked his approach, his humility, his patience and his massive skill set. Without leaving out anything important(especially not safety) he cuts straight to the core issues. I was always amazed at how easily he could tell what i was doing wrong and how to correct it. He pointed things out that I hadn’t, until then, consciously been aware of. I couldn’t recommend him more and I will certainly be going back for more

Joaquin Vasquez


I am a fairly experienced scuba diver but, I had never freedive before I met Miguel.
When I joined the training, I was not looking after certificates or challenges. I just wanted to try to stay longer underwater with just a snorkel.The outcome was that thanks to the friendly (but very effective) approach of Miguel, I got even to meet AIDA *** requirements, and have a very relaxed, and joyful week at the same time.